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Menu of East One Seafood Restaurant

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Kids's Meal 兒童餐

Chinese Style Menu 中餐

All Day Special (Small Size)

Pork, Beef, Chicken 豬、牛、雞類

Seafood 海鮮類

Vegetable & Tofu 蔬菜、豆腐

Congee (生滾粥品)

Side Orders (送粥佳品)

Noodle in Soup (湯麵類)

Mixed Noodle (撈麵類)

Chef's Special (精選美食)

Soup (湯類)

Chow Mein and Fried Rice Noodle (Regular Size) 炒粉麵類 (例牌)

Steamed Rice (飯類)

Fried Rice (Regular Size) 炒飯類(例牌)

Western Style Menu 西餐

Choose Your Own Combo 自選扒類

Appetizers and Snacks (小食)

Rice and Spaghetti Combo (西式飯意粉套餐)

Sandwiches (三文治 跟薯條)

Instant Noodle Soup (公仔餐麵)

Western Style Soup(西式餐湯)

Dinner Special

Beverages 汽水

Drinks 冷飲